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Cozy Vibes and New Beginnings Await!

Home is where the heart is. July ushers in themes of family, home, and making life cozy with the sun, pleasurable Venus and multitasking Mercury in the sign of the crab. No matter where you are – on summer vacation, work, or hanging with loved ones, now is the time to make your environments as comfortable as they can be. Neptune going retrograde on July 2 and the Cancer new moon on July 5 will bring the opportunity for you to reset and align on a guided path.

Get your rest in while you can, before July 20 when energetic Mars enters Gemini. An increase in activity and busy schedules will follow. Get ahead of the energy by choosing one or two things to put your focus on, and avoid biting off more than you can chew. Tackle projects around the house that require detail and mental focus. Just remember to take your time as Mars’ matchup with Uranus on July 15 can make us more accident prone.

The sun moves into creative Leo July 22, joining Venus to add a little more spice and fun to our lives. The feeling of wanting to transform will be strong as the sun sits across from Pluto and before month’s end, you may choose to embark on a new journey when it makes a positive aspect to the moon’s node. July will be hot like fire. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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