Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading


The second eclipse of 2022 arrives on May 15, as a powerful full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. Bringing the strength of three full moons in one, this eclipse functions as a cosmic broom to clear away any negative energetic attachments to the past.

Relationships play an important role during this eclipse, when karmic forces will be pushing us to face our shadow, allowing for deep self-worth wounds to be healed once and for all. Stern Saturn plays an important role in this eclipse, challenging us to level up to the cosmic teacher’s expectations.

Eclipses are karmic forces that mix the past with the present and the future. And this eclipse, in particular, carries a tricky astrological configuration that calls for a loud call for self-mastery.

Your full moon lunar eclipse report prepares you for this crucial event along your 2022 journey of deep transformation. By unpacking all the astrological connections this lunar event will trigger, as well as the area of your chart it will activate, it prepares you like no other report or horoscope can.

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