February Full Moon Report

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Jump into organization mode with the full moon in earth sign Virgo on February 24th. With the sun in water sign Pisces, along with Mercury and Saturn, it’s a time for balancing emotions and creative inspiration with clear communication and boundaries. Say what you mean and mean what you say, but be prepared to stay flexible and receptive to others’ thoughts and feelings.

Social issues may feel heightened with Mars and Venus in Aquarius squaring off with Jupiter in Taurus. The focus is back on the collective and Jupiter amplifies everything it touches. Drama may feel larger than life, but the key word is feel. In the spirit of Virgo and Pisces energy, pay attention to the facts, focus on what you can control, and lead with compassion.

Virgo energy is about service, but it’s time for you to help yourself. Find out practical ways to do this and more in your February 2024 full moon report!

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