Full Moon Report

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Making Space for Your Desires

With the recent arrival of the Fall Equinox, it’s time to leave the past behind! Being the climax of the entire lunar cycle, full moons tend to be times of endings. However, due to this full moon happening in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, this lunar event grants us a major new beginning! 

The time has come for us to draw our path towards the future fully ignoring societal pre-conditioning and what others want from us. After all, the Lunar North Node of Destiny also resides in Aries, granting us full permission to forge our own journey, solely based on our own desires. 

By delineating how the September 29 Aries full moon (and the days beyond) will affect your sign, your Full Moon Report guides you in aligning with the new wave of energies at play. Spiritual and ritualistic guidance comes as a plus, being your vehicle when harnessing the powers of Mother Luna!

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