Full Worm Moon Reading

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Critical Lunar Insights

The full worm moon, happening on March 7, arrives at a crucial moment in time. Bringing a polarity between the Pisces sun and the Virgo moon, this lunar event will remind us of our duties, in case we’ve been lost in a world of reveries. While this lunar event occurs every year—in 2023, the Virgo full moon is different.

With master teacher Saturn changing signs just an hour after this full moon, the themes that come up for us now could prevail for the next three years. Our world is evolving, and this full moon reminds us of the need to change, trust, and adapt. By focusing our energy on the astrological house this lunar event will activate, we set ourselves up to flow with the cosmic forces at play.

By providing targeted information for your sign in the form of advice, astrological dates, and ritual guidance, your Full Worm Moon Reading guides you when the winds of massive change knock at your door.

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