Full Snow Moon Reading

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Cutting Cords with the Past

The full snow moon, the second full moon of the year, means serious business! Happening in Leo, the only sign ruled by the magnanimous sun, is sure to catch our attention. Bringing themes around ego, confidence, and individuality, this lunar event will turn up the heat as the luminaries ask you to find balance between your desires (Leo) and those of others (Aquarius). 

Unexpected surprises are also in store due to the presence of Uranus, the ambassador of the future, requiring us to take a big leap of faith. The truth is that we have been here before! By activating themes, we experienced at the November 8 eclipse, this full moon in Leo wants to fully liberate us. Are you ready to let go? 

Your Full Snow Moon Reading provides the insight you need, targeted to your sign, in the form of advice, astrological dates, and ritual guidance. It is just what you need to leave the past behind and embrace the excitement of what’s next!  

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