December Full Moon Report

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Prepare for Mood Swings at the Last Full Moon of 2023!

Rising in the only zodiac sign that it rules, the December full moon in Cancer offers a chance to explore the full range of our feelings, though running from one’s heart could lead to moodiness. While many will be eager to open up, retrograde Mercury and Neptune form a harsh square overhead that could lead to dramatic displays and deception.

Fortunately, Jupiter and Saturn come to the rescue by being harmoniously aligned with the moon. Saturn delivers its stabilizing magic, while Jupiter comes out of retrograde, bringing back our ability to grow and expand in the direction of our dreams.

By delineating how this special lunar event will affect your sign, your November Full Moon Report guides you in wrapping up 2023 with a heart full of joy. By providing your full moon horoscope, what to expect, and how to handle and honor the energy, you will be set up to welcome 2024 with open arms!

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