Full Moon Reading

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An Electrifying Full Moon

One of the most potent lunar events of 2022 is here—and it means business. Forming a rare astrological configuration, the August 11 full moon rises in the skies of Aquarius, impregnating the air with an electricity that’s hard to deny! 

This will be a difficult lunar event to manage, as the cosmic vibes will push us to evolve, striking a chord as the energy moves in unpredictable ways. Change will be the name of the game for almost every member of the zodiac, though some signs might experience these sentiments more intensely than others.  

If your life has been changing at a rapid speed this year, this report was designed for you! By providing your full moon meaning, tips on how to handle the energy, and even a tailored moon ritual for your sign, your August Full Moon Report is what you need to master the current rare astrological configurations!

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