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Starting at $8.88/month, your membership includes:

  • Daily Personal Horoscopes based on the sky today + your unique birth chart
  • Birth Chart + Analysis ($25 value)
  • Astrology Calendar
  • 2024 Premium Horoscope ($25 yearly value)
  • Full Moon Reading every Month ($15 monthly value)
  • Premium Weekly Horoscopes
  • Major astrological events for each day, down to the hour and minute

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Free-Trial, Monthly, Annual, Every Two Years

Astrology+ Subscription Includes:

Birth Chart

Detailed Birth Chart

Your birth chart maps out your unique strengths, weaknesses and opportunities—all based on the cosmos when and where you were born.

Real-Time Guidance

Personalized Daily Horoscopes

Don't miss custom daily updates on the planetary transits, including tips on navigating the day's challenges and making positive change.

spark transformation

Full-Moon Reading

Every month, discover new areas of growth with your tailored full-moon report. Plus, top astrologers also share advice on how to handle the lunar event.