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Shifting into a New Reality

Hold on to your seat—July is here to bring us a new reality! The awaited conjunction between Uranus and the Lunar North Node of the moon brings the astrology of 2021 and 2022 to a head. A loud yearning for freedom and individuality will be active all month long and hit a climax by July 31.

But, in order to move forward, we must first heal the past, and Cancer season lends the perfect terrain for us to dive into our emotional shadow so we can heal it and integrate it. Both Chiron and Pluto will be active for most of the month, paving the ideal path for deep healing to take place under the July 13 full moon.

Leo season arrives on July 22, and, with this solar shift, we receive powerful messages from the universe: It’s time to embrace change. This month’s powerful new moon in Leo brings the rare opportunity to abandon the old, as we step into a completely new version of ourselves, one that is truly in line with that new version of ourselves begging to emerge.

July comes to a close as Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, starts its four-month retrograde. When life changes at the speed of light, your July Premium Horoscope contains the guidance you need to thrive in the month ahead!

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