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Transforming Through Relationships

After the intensity of August, September provides the opportunity to catch our breath as we integrate all the changes that took place in our lives. A total of nine planetary bodies will be retrograde (including Mercury), allowing for a slower pace of life.

September’s theme centers around relationships as the astrology of the month ahead echoes the theme of close-bond transformation. The cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, will be squaring in the sky for most of the month, sparking drama and sexual tension for some.

The ultimate archetype of partnership, the sign of Libra, also becomes incredibly activated, first by Mercury retrograde and then by the arrival of the Fall Equinox on September 22. The way we relate to one another is changing, an important theme of our 2022 storybook.

This month’s lunations, the September 10 full moon in Pisces, as well as the September 25 new moon in Libra, assist in investing ourselves in the bonds that only lift us up and help us grow.

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