December Premium Horoscope

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Mercury Retrograde Returns!

This year, you will not be feeling like rushing to the finish line! For the fourth and final time, Mercury retrograde comes back to help you reassess your overall life strategies. By going retrograde in two signs, the planet of communication will create the perfect terrain for you to figure out what needs to stay in 2023 and what needs to change for 2024.

Neptune also comes out of retrograde, creating the perfect terrain for us to get back in touch with its hypnotic magic. Since confusion will reign, it’s key to keep tabs on how the planet of illusion could affect your work, travel, and social plans.

Fortunately, lucky Jupiter comes out of retrograde, helping you close the month—and year—on a high note! By delineating all the key astrological aspects of the month ahead, and how they will affect your sign, your December Premium Horoscope has all the answers you need to cross the bridge from 2023 to 2024!

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