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April brings passionate and fiery energy, but proceed with caution while Mercury remains retrograde until April 25th. Communication may be direct but harsh. Think before speaking and don’t take things personally. Redirect your passions and put them on paper during the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8. Ignite your fire and take action when Mars enters Aries on April 30. 

Taurus season on April 19 delivers sensuality, creature comforts and earthly pleasures. The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction on April 20 brings unexpected surprises and the opportunity to expand in an arena related to your material needs. Expect the unexpected while getting clear on your desires. 

Check your emotions and avoid overreacting during the Scorpio Full Moon on April 23. Instead, focus on self regeneration and emotional purification so you feel refreshed and ready to move forward as your best self. April will be an exciting month full of excitement, wonder, and passion. Enjoy the ride!

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