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The month of May promises to be one of the most transformative of 2022. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, plays a significant role in this month’s astrology, fulfilling its cosmic job of taking us into the future. The planet of rebellion and creativity will team up with this month’s full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio to help us shed what no longer serves our purpose.

Mercury, the cosmic messenger, begins its second retrograde of the year. By connecting with big-hitters Pluto as well as Saturn, Mercury will challenge us to see things differently.

May also marks the energetic shift of the benefic planets from water to fire as both, Venus and Jupiter, leave Pisces to enter the skies of Aries. These shifts are big, as they mark the beginning of a one-year cycle for our relationships as well as a 12-year cycle in our process of growth and expansion.

Your May Horoscope is your number one cosmic tool for a month full of major twists and turns.

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