May Full Moon Reading

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Luck, Enlightenment & Expansion Is Yours

Magnificent May is here and with it comes a bountiful full moon in Sagittarius that is sure to bring luck, optimism and enlightenment. The sun in Gemini sparks a curiosity that encourages a quest for truth and higher knowledge as it sits across from the moon. 

The greater benefic Jupiter, planetary ruler of Sagittarius is in its last degree of Taurus during this lunation, creating a manifestation portal before it moves into Gemini. Lucky Jupiter sits with its benefic partner Venus, and they positively align with dreamy Neptune and powerful Pluto. These planets commingle to awaken love, beauty and worldly pleasures in a way that transforms and reinvigorates the soul. Your vision for the future can start to materialize, starting with the right mindset. 

Healing past wounds connected to self-confidence and bravery is supported with the North Node, Mars and Chiron in bold Aries. Be brave, take charge, and go after the things you want to bring more joy and abundance to your life. Kick the process off starting with your May 2024 Full Moon Reading!

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