Cold Full Moon Reading

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The Wild Ride of Mars Retrograde

The most important retrograde of 2022, the retrograde of Mars, reaches climax with the arrival of the December full moon. Rapid change, endings, and dramatic events are expected as the red-hot, warrior-like energy of the red planet gets awakened by the power of the luminaries. An unpredictable, hot energy will be cruising through the sky, instigating us to finally release emotions that have been previously overseen, unspoken, and repressed. By clearing the way, this lunation is bound to make room for new adventures and avenues of self-expression—but first, we will need to engage in an epic dance with our own shadow. When keeping your cool was never that important for your personal growth and evolution, your Cold Full Moon Reading guides you with personalized astrological dates, advice, and ritual guidance for your sign. This is your best tool to end 2022 successfully!

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