Blue Moon Report

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Manifesting Tangible Results

A rare blue supermoon arrives on Wednesday, August 30, closing an emotional and transformative month. Activating the skies of Pisces, this lunation promises to heighten intuition, sensitivities, and emotions on a collective scale. 

Since Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, the energy at play promotes letting go, finalizing plans, and closing chapters. Pisces energy tends to run in too many directions—however, due to the activation of retrograde Saturn, there is a tone of seriousness that brings tangible results to the table. Situations from the past come back to be reviewed, and could maybe even be solidified. 

By providing your full moon horoscopes, extra dates for your sign to add to your calendar, plus specific ritual guidance, your Blue Moon Report is what you now need to honor the beauty of such a rare and magical lunar event! 

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