Full Strawberry Moon Report

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Welcoming Abundance!

Can you feel your luck returning? After an intense beginning to the year, the astrological tide has turned, and this month’s Full Strawberry Moon is a testament to that! Carrying a dose of luck and a double karmic signature, it comes packed with goodies for those who have worked hard in the manifestation of a cherished dream.

Both, Saturn and the Lunar North Node of Destiny play a key role at this lunar event. As planetary forces that remember our past, they could now catapult us toward big-time success. Will your sign be rewarded for past efforts?

While some zodiac signs will get luckier than others, abundance is all around as the sky smiles upon us! By providing your horoscope, ritualistic guidance, and targeted advice, your Full Strawberry Moon Report helps you aim high and co-create with the cosmic forces at play!

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