Harvest Full Moon Reading

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Creating Visionary Ideas

We have arrived at the end of a cycle, as this month’s harvest full moon manifests in the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. As the universal energy that rules the non-tangible side of life, Pisces energy will infuse our minds with visions and images, enhancing our intuition. 

The psychic information that is triggered at this full moon is bound to help us design visionary ideas, that if channeled properly, can greatly influence the collective. While this full moon is a reminder that collaboration is the key to the success and betterment of the collective, luckily, there will also be plenty of room for each zodiac sign to actualize their dreams. 

By zooming into the area of your life that this full moon will activate, you allow for the flow of the universe to find you, as you awaken your ability to go deep, feel, and dream your wildest desires into manifestation! Your full moon report aligns you with the beauty of the cosmos, helping you thrive in this very special moment along your journey. 

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