July Full Moon Reading

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Capricorn Full Moon Deux: Embrace Change and New Beginnings

The second Capricorn full moon of the summer is here to finish what started last month when Cancer season began. With Cancer season coming to a close and fiery Leo season on the horizon, a culmination in an area of your life is coming, and the effects may be long-lasting.

Capricorn’s ruler Saturn is retrograde during this full moon, which presents the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and set up a new foundation for yourself. Confusion about which direction to take may occur with Mercury squaring off against Uranus. Mars in Gemini presents many courses of action, while Neptune awakens the dreamer within.

The answer to the question about which path to take lies within, and this is a time to merge the heart and rational mind. The karmic nature of this lunation puts a spotlight on the work you’ve done up until this point, and the benefic planets Venus and Jupiter sync to help create forward movement. Embrace the transformative power of this rare and special lunation with your July 2024 Full Moon Report!

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