June Full Moon Reading

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Serious Summer Vibes: The Capricorn Full Moon Brings Structure and Maturity

Summer, but make it serious, with Saturn ruling the first full moon of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. Consistency and commitment yield the best results during this time, so focus on where you want to go, while appreciating how far you’ve come. Balance between emotions and practicality, and self and others is needed during this time to yield the best results. 

The sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer sitting across from the receptive moon puts a lens of realism on how you are showing up in the world, your relationships and communication style. Take time to process the feelings that come up around this time in regards to both your home and work life. It may be time to make adjustments. 

You’ll have the opportunity to implement changes around June 28 when Venus in Cancer and Mars in Taurus form a supportive aspect. Slow and steady wins the race with this energy, so give yourself grace and remember every step you take is progress. This can be a productive but fulfilling time. Learn how you can honor the energy with your June 2024 Full Moon Report!

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