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  Jennifer Coolidge  
  Date of Birth: August 28, 1961  
  Sun Sign: Virgo  
  Rising Sign: Scorpio  
  Chinese Sign: Ox  
December 12, 2023:
Mercury retrograde in Sun
Biding Your Time
December 21, 2023:
Sun enters Capricorn
Festivities and Fun
December 30, 2023:
Jupiter direct in Sun
All Systems Go
  Feeling Restless

There's quite an emphasis on your home and family and the sign of Sagittarius, Jennifer Coolidge, which suggests this holiday season could be a very uplifting time. You'll enjoy welcoming family from near and far and opening your house so friends can drop by.

You could also feel somewhat restless, with a desire to go to a place that feels like home away from home. If you plan to travel this holiday season, you'll have a great time.

On December 12, the new moon in the sign of the Archer is your chance for a new beginning. Whatever plans you have for your home and family or any big, far-reaching goals, this the time to put them into action.

Chatty Mercury turns retrograde, also on the twelfth, so bear this in mind if you want everything to flow smoothly. Get the most important tasks completed early in the month to give yourself plenty of leeway to meet any deadlines.

The sun's move into Capricorn on December 21 moves leisure and pleasure higher on your list of priorities. Indulge in those activities you love most that relax and recharge you. If you're creative or you have any skills to promote and you want to earn some money over the coming weeks, this is a great opportunity to display your work online and off. Romance could be a hot topic at this time too.

Then get ready for an emotional full moon in Cancer and your friendship zone on the twenty-sixth. You'll be geared up for a reunion and a chance to catch up, especially if you haven't seen family members or old pals for a long while.

Lovely Venus enters Sagittarius on December 29, which can make your home a very inviting place, especially if you're celebrating New Year's in style.

Finally, Jupiter turns direct on the thirtieth, so you'll soon be rewarded for all your hard work over recent months.
  Homey Pleasures

There's an upbeat emphasis on your home zone ringing in a pleasant and upbeat holiday month, Jennifer Coolidge, so you can find a lot of happiness and warmth at home.

Fiery Mars joins the sun in the sign of Sagittarius on December 1, so this is also a good time to make a clean sweep. You and your partner might be ready to conquer clutter and other household issues so you can enjoy the holiday week in all its glory.

Plus, delightful Venus enters Scorpio and your sector of talk and thought on the fourth. If you're looking for love, this can be an ideal time to connect with potential dates on your favorite dating apps. Some of these could sizzle with promise, but it would be wise to trust your instincts in these matters.

You'll also be very persuasive, so if you need your partner to do something for you, you'll have no trouble in this regard.

Chatty Mercury turns retrograde on December 12, so beware of mixed messages and misunderstandings over the next few weeks. Don't presume anything when it comes to love and romance.

Finally, the sun's move into your romance zone on the twenty-first puts the spotlight on fun and good times. If you haven't had a chance to get out and enjoy yourself, the cosmos urges you to go ahead. Whether you're looking for love or already in a relationship, a kiss under the mistletoe awaits.
  Neptune and Jupiter Turn Direct

On December 6, dreamy Neptune turns direct in your relationship zone after a retrograde phase of some months. Jennifer Coolidge, this makes the coming months incredibly important, especially in the way you think about the people in your life.

Remember that Neptune is very malleable and links to the imagination, which is always running in the background. Think the best of people and they will respond to you in kind. If there are difficult people in your life, a daily practice of visualizing them behaving toward you as you would like them to can have an effect.

Joyful Jupiter turns direct in your sector of travel and bold ideas on the thirtieth. If you've been working with a life coach or mentor to uncover your true potential, your efforts will soon begin to bear fruit.

Jupiter's forward motion in this zone suggests that you'll be ready to dust off plans that have been on the back burner and prepare to implement them. The more they encourage you to leave your comfort zone the better.

If you've been meaning to learn a new skill, go ahead now. Anything you can do to enhance your abilities will stand you in good stead in the future.
  December 4, 2023-Venus enters Scorpio
Jennifer Coolidge, the presence of harmonious Venus in your sector of talk and thought can be a blessing for negotiations and complex discussions. You'll be able to shrewdly deal with others and easily read between the lines to sense what they're really saying rather than what they want you to hear.

Your words have power, and you'll know how to turn a situation to your advantage if necessary. You'll have a sixth sense about how to court others so they look favorably upon you. If you provide value in return, others will respect you.
  December 12, 2023-New Moon in Sagittarius
Jennifer Coolidge, the new moon in Sagittarius offers one of the best times to start new projects. This lunar phase takes place in your home zone, so this is where you'll be eager to make a few changes. These could range from getting rid of clutter to selling items you no longer need to starting a business at your kitchen table.

In a general sense, this new moon could coincide with beginning a course of study and learning skills that will set you up for the future. You might also be on course to embrace an opportunity that takes your game to the next level.
  December 12, 2023-Mercury turns retrograde
Jennifer Coolidge, quicksilver Mercury goes into reverse in Capricorn and your leisure zone. This could lead to reunions with people you knew in the past, such as old friends, former flames, and perhaps an ex.

You might arrange a meeting or one could happen unexpectedly. You'll have an opportunity to catch up on all the news and perhaps heal old wounds. Reaching out to someone you've experienced difficulties with can be very healing, especially if some time has passed and you've both changed and matured.

This retrograde phase can also coincide with misunderstandings, so you'll need to be very clear about your intentions. Don't take anything for granted.
  December 20, 2023-Venus opposite Uranus
Luscious Venus in Scorpio faces off with electric Uranus in Taurus, Jennifer Coolidge, and this opposition could coincide with a remarkable encounter. Someone you connect with could stir you up in a good way because of their values and beliefs and the way the conversation unfolds. Talking to them might give you a fresh perspective on life and much food for thought.

You might also be ready to connect with someone who lives far away and you don't get to talk to very often. This person could be an old friend or someone you only know online and have never actually met in person. Either way, it could be a very stimulating and enlivening chat.
  December 27, 2023-Sun trine Jupiter
Get ready for a fun day, Jennifer Coolidge, because this upbeat transit brings opportunities to make the most of the holiday week. This is a lovely aspect for all kinds of gatherings and get-togethers, and you'll love mixing with friends, family, and new people.

This blend of energies is also excellent for learning new skills, taking a class, and opening your mind to new opportunities. You have goals and ambitions and you're eager to make them happen in 2024. Today, a seed could be planted that encourages you to take the next step to manifest your dreams. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but it will be worth it.
  December 28, 2023-Mars square Neptune
This uncomfortable aspect can sap vitality, Jennifer Coolidge, so you could experience a dip in energy over the coming day or so. If you've been living it up through the holiday week and burning the candle at both ends, this would be a good time to take a day off and relax as much as you can.

If you want to stay in your pajamas all day, do it. You'll discover that the more you rest and allow your body to recharge, the easier it will be to get back to your usual activities.

If you need to make a decision, trust your instincts rather than your thinking.
  If Scorpio is your rising sign, Jennifer Coolidge, you're in a generous mood this holiday season and eager to let friends and loved ones know how much you care about them.

However, it might help to set a budget so you don't go overboard, and you might want to consider making some gifts rather than buying them all. With the sun and fiery Mars in your money zone, you'll have some brilliant and lucrative ideas that you'll be ready to put into action.

The new moon in the sign of the Archer on December 12 is one of the best times to start a side hustle, business, or any other project that could bring you a financial return. If you have a brilliant plan, get it up and running now and you'll be helped along by the moon tide.

The sun's move into Capricorn on the twenty-first, where it will stay for four weeks, is perfect for writing, studying, and connecting. When you reach out, you'll soon find that you have more support than you thought. There are kindred spirits just waiting to work with you.

Finally, the full moon in Cancer on December 26 could make for a very positive and healing time when feelings are freely shared. If any issues have been swept under the carpet, a lot can be resolved now.
  This month, you're wrapping things up.

On Thursday, December 7, the Yang wood Rat month begins. The next four weeks bring you the opportunity to review your accomplishments and achievements from the past twelve months. Consider creating a list of the new people you met, the places you visited, and the career milestones you reached. With this reflection as a foundation, you can begin to look ahead to the next lunar year, which commences next month, and set goals for what you want to achieve.

There is a new moon on Tuesday, December 12. Ox, your attention might turn to different investment options during this time. You could be expanding your investment portfolio beyond stocks, bonds, and annuities. Exploring classes related to diverse investment models or those involving real estate might be on your agenda. Alternatively, this investment opportunity could have international connections.

On Tuesday, December 26, there is a full moon. Ox, it's an opportune time to consider your means of transportation. You might consider trading in your current vehicle for something different, such as transitioning from a truck to a car, or experimenting with not having a car at all. If driving is part of your profession, this time could bring remarkable financial gains your way.
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