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Is your romance written in the stars, or is it not quite up to par? Your Love Compatibility Report is perfect for dissecting the pros and cons of a current or prospective relationship! Your Natal Charts can give incredible insight into your union. Learn about how the planets match up for you and your lover to understand the dynamics of your partnership!

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The Team
Partner 1: Taylor
Date of birth: December 13, 1989
Time of birth: 12:00 P.M.
Birth place: Reading, PA, United States
Partner 2: Travis
Date of birth: October 5, 1989
Time of birth: 12:00 P.M.
Birth place: Westlake, OH, United States
  Human beings, despite being able to make their own decisions in life, are often at the mercy of mysterious and sometimes contradictory forces. As the basis for all astrological interpretation, the Natal or Birth Chart is symbolic of the complexity of human existence. It is a record of the facets that make up any individual: character, needs, desires, intellectual faculties, behavior with other people, weaknesses, deficiencies... in short, all the factors that contribute to this person's destiny and compatibility profile in the search for the perfect mate. Proposed to you here is the juxtaposition of your Birth Chart with your partner's. This way, you will have the opportunity to find out where you and your partner complement each other and where you might clash. These subtle planetary juxtapositions could have an influence on your relationship with your partner in so many ways.

Your Love Compatibility Report includes two individual profiles and one partnership profile. The individual profiles examine the personalities of each partner and reveal how traits and tendencies affect any relationship with others. The partnership profile examines the couple's interaction by analyzing the major planetary aspects in each person's Natal Chart. Enjoy!
  This study is broken down into the following sections:

   1. Taylor's Planetary Profile
      - Taylor's Behavior as a Partner
      - Taylor's Daily Life
      - Taylor's Emotions
      - Taylor's Career and Social Life

 2. Travis's Planetary Profile
      - Travis's Behavior as a Partner
      - Travis's Daily Life
      - Travis's Emotions
      - Travis's Career and Social Life

 3. Your Relationship Profile

  Taylor's Data  
Planet Position Degrees Sign Position Minutes
Sun   21°   Sagittarius   40'  
Moon   5°   Cancer   31'  
Mercury   9°   Capricorn   03'  
Venus   1°   Aquarius   59'  
Mars   26°   Scorpio   53'  
Jupiter   7°   Cancer   42'  
Saturn   13°   Capricorn   16'  
Uranus   4°   Capricorn   35'  
Neptune   11°   Capricorn   17'  
Pluto   16°   Scorpio   53'  
North Node   19°   Aquarius   25'  
Natal Chart

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chart and additional information
  Travis's Data  
Planet Position Degrees Sign Position Minutes
Sun   12°   Libra   23'  
Moon   15°   Sagittarius   17'  
Mercury   25°   Virgo   59'  
Venus   26°   Scorpio   37'  
Mars   10°   Libra   26'  
Jupiter   10°   Cancer   02'  
Saturn   7°   Capricorn   36'  
Uranus   1°   Capricorn   35'  
Neptune   9°   Capricorn   34'  
Pluto   14°   Scorpio   12'  
North Node   23°   Aquarius   04'  
Natal Chart

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chart and additional information
  Taylor's Behavior as a Partner  

Sun in Sagittarius

For Taylor, love is a game, passion is elation, and feelings are secondary. Taylor has many personality facets. Taylor is impulsive and intuitive, vital and intense. Taylor knows exactly where to be in society. Taylor is an extrovert who adapts easily to all kinds of situations. A love for travel and faraway places is a sign of flexibility. Taylor is an idealist who gains inspiration from the philosophical or religious ideas shared with others. Taylor loves to teach other people about spirituality but sometimes may seem intolerant to other people's views. Taylor has excellent organizational skills and is a born leader and a very socially active person. Taylor should be careful not to be too dogmatic. Taylor may tend to defend and teach a point of view that caters to the masses instead of resonating personally.

Moon in Cancer

Taylor is sweet and sensitive with great compassion and sociability. Taylor's relationship with a mother figure made its mark and, to this day, still has an important influence on Taylor's life. Vivid memories of that period of life are always on Taylor's mind, and Taylor still has certain habits that began as a little child. Taylor will feel completely fulfilled when home life becomes strong and positive. Taylor's strong, loving partner and children will be very important. Yet Taylor is an anxious and vulnerable person who has problems coping with new situations and change.

Influence of Sun and Moon

Taylor is torn between different aspects. Taylor has a great need for independence but also has a need for attachment. Taylor has great goals for the future but is also cautious and needs to feel secure. Taylor is both egocentric and altruistic in relationships with others. Because of these inner conflicts, Taylor is a dreamer and a kind of emotional vagabond. But after finding a stable home, Taylor will develop a great love for others and especially for children. They will be a very important part of life. Taylor is a tolerant, understanding person but sometimes a bit fickle. A partner needs to give Taylor the space necessary to grow; otherwise, Taylor could begin to feel fenced in.

Venus in Aquarius

Taylor has a tendency to idealize loved ones and lives in a fantasy world where Taylor spends more time dreaming of a soul mate than trying to find one. Taylor is in love with the idea of love. But hiding behind all this idealism is a real fear of committing to a relationship. As long as things remain at the idea stage, Taylor does not have to react. Taylor has two possibilities: to look for a relationship based on friendship and communication or to seek an open relationship based on mutual respect of each partner's independence...

Mars in Scorpio

Taylor is a very dynamic person with powerful energy and impulses. Taylor's urges are always intense and are expressed on both a sexual and emotional level. Taylor is a naturally passionate person who will doubtlessly channel that strength into some kind of battle, struggle, or revolt. But if an outlet for that energy is unavailable, it could end up turning against Taylor. Taylor likes to dominate and assert authority in relationships and appreciates all the fascination people seem to have for this. Nevertheless, sometimes people react negatively to Taylor.

Influence of Venus and Mars

Mysterious Taylor has a strange, powerful magnetism. Taylor is irresistibly attracted to disastrous relationships and love affairs. Often disappointed, Taylor goes from one extreme to the other and is overcome with indifference. The conflict between sensual desires and the perfect, angelic image Taylor has of love comes out in a series of relationships that almost resemble Greek tragedy. Therefore, Taylor should be more discerning in the choices made in life because the wrong ones could really hurt.

  Taylor's Daily Life  

Sun, 1st Dominant of Taylor, in angular relationship with Mercury, 1st Dominant of Travis

This aspect could mean a certain difference in the intellectual ideals of the two partners. Travis and Taylor do not see eye-to-eye about life. The demands of Taylor, influenced by the Sun, could be badly misinterpreted by Mercury's position in Travis's chart. Travis will find that Taylor has a frivolous attitude toward life. The exchanges between them may be unclear, and Travis's advice to Taylor may fall on deaf ears. If Taylor is not careful, dishonesty and duplicity could enter their relationship. Only a mutual effort toward sincere communication will bring back the spontaneity into their relationship so that it can prosper and grow.

Planet Sun of Taylor in the 1st House of Travis

This Sun position is one of the best for a relationship! It will bring out the intrinsic qualities in Taylor's partner, and the partners will realize just how much similar they are. Each partner will discover character traits in the other that they had been hiding from themselves. Taylor will be very receptive to Travis's charisma and extraordinary magnetism.

Planet Moon of Taylor in the 7th House of Travis

This position will enable Taylor to unveil right from the start what improvements Travis can make in life: the books for personal development and the right people to meet for emotional growth. Taylor and Travis have the same kind of intuitive sense. Taylor will bring out a spontaneous side, which will blossom and grow in Travis's company. Taylor's respect for Travis will be just as great as Travis's admiration for Taylor in many of the aspects of existence.

Planet Mercury of Taylor in the 2nd House of Travis

This position will highlight Taylor's excellent problem-solving skills in Travis's financial matters. Taylor's knowledge of Travis's strengths and weaknesses in this area will help put order in this aspect of life. Taylor's very pertinent insights may even allow Travis to realize a substantial increase in income. This is a very positive factor in their relationship as it will give Travis deserved self-confidence for the important material contribution to their life as a couple.

  Taylor's Emotions  

Planet Venus of Taylor in the 2nd House of Travis

This position will give Taylor a very positive influence on Travis. Under Taylor's wing, Travis will act with total honesty in all financial dealings. Thanks to Taylor's advice, Travis will deal with even the most sensitive financial transactions with finesse and flair. A diplomatic sense will help Travis handle many difficult situations. Finally, with Taylor's help, Travis's good taste will get even better, learning to prefer quality over quantity.

  Taylor's Career and Social Life  

Planet Jupiter of Taylor in the 8th House of Travis

In this position, the success of the relationship depends entirely on Taylor's efforts. Taylor will use a rational side to point out the aspects in Travis's personality that are being neglected. The goal will be to develop Travis's qualities, although sometimes this goal may turn out to be a little too optimistic. Travis should therefore be careful to take Taylor's advice with a grain of salt. Finally, this position will protect Taylor from any kind of financial problem.

  Travis's Behavior as a Partner  

Sun in Libra

A very perceptive personality helps Travis to sense the sincerity of people's actions and the authenticity of situations. This intuitive sense is pervasive in Travis's personality, and it helps Travis to be a very sociable person. Travis adores contact with others and the exchange of thoughts and ideas with them. Travis adapts to many different kinds of people or situations and is a very objective person who has the ability to see things from other people's points of view. This quality makes Travis very diplomatic as well. Nevertheless, it is often difficult for Travis to make decisions or state opinions. Therefore, relationships with other people are essential. It is through them that Travis will find a personal sense of balance. But this dependence on others and a fear of being alone are signs that Travis has not found this sense of balance quite yet.

Moon in Sagittarius

Travis needs both mental and physical freedom in life. It is vital to existence. Travis may have moved around a great deal as a child, and this has given a taste for movement and independence. Travis needs to feel that life has meaning and looks for this meaning in spiritual beliefs. Travis is a philosopher and a traveler and will probably visit many lands in life.

Influence of Sun and Moon

Travis's very special kind of charm comes from a wonderful sensitivity and brilliant way of self-expression. Travis does have a certain lack of initiative. In younger days, an egocentric attitude pushed Travis into a series of short-term love affairs and one-night stands. But one day, Travis may find the original, energetic kind of partner who will provide motivation to get moving in life! Their relationship will bring stability and happiness into Travis's life. But all this will be impossible if Travis does not learn to control an intense need for other people's approval.

Venus in Scorpio

When attracted to someone, Travis has feelings that are immediate, intense, and all-consuming. Very quickly they turn into a kind of passion that devours Travis. These passions torment and make Travis suffer, almost like in a romantic tragedy in which jealousy, possessiveness, eroticism, and anguish share the center stage. Scorpio is an intensely sensual sign, which promises very powerful and passionate relationships for Travis.

Mars in Libra

Travis devotes a lot of energy and time to love relationships, knowing that life isn't as good without a happy, stable relationship. So Travis tries everything to make them as well-balanced as possible. Travis is someone who needs to be loved and appreciated, and this is Travis's main source of charm. Travis is a brilliantly sociable and likable person yet is also very vulnerable. In addition to all this, Travis has a tendency to bowl a potential mate over with amorous intentions, only to have a change of heart as soon as this person gives in to those advances.

Influence of Venus and Mars

Travis is a very indecisive person in romance. Sometimes Travis is even misleading and fickle: Travis falls in love, falls out of love, and then is back in love again. Travis may even miss out on relationships that could be very happy. Travis is attracted to lovers with a strong sexual aura who often cause pain and take advantage of weaknesses. Make up your mind, Travis!

  Travis's Daily Life  

Planet Sun of Travis in the 7th House of Taylor

This configuration shows that Travis will be a very important factor in Taylor's growth in the world. Travis will help enhance Taylor's positive qualities while downplaying weaker points. Taylor will use Travis's support to climb the ladder of success and will be grateful later. With Travis's help, Taylor will get to know a lot of different kinds of people, and this will help their relationship to grow.

Planet Moon of Travis in the 9th House of Taylor

This position will give Travis the possibility to use intuition and imagination to understand what motivates Taylor. Memory will be used as an intellectual tool that will enhance the lovers' feelings for each other. Their walks down memory lane, their trip to Greece, or their camping expedition last week in the woods will have a powerful effect on their relationship. It will allow them to live their intense love affair to its fullest.

Planet Mercury of Travis in the 7th House of Taylor

As Travis gradually diffuses ideas into the relationship with Taylor, little by little, Taylor will begin to grasp some other points of view. Travis will excite Taylor's curiosity, and Taylor will no longer hesitate to seek out new information and experiences. The growth of Taylor's consciousness will help in interaction with others. Taylor may even become a brilliant negotiator in professional life or a wonderful conversationalist in social life.

  Travis's Emotions  

Planet Venus of Travis in the 8th House of Taylor

This position will give Travis a great fascination with Taylor. Sexual attraction will be very powerful between the two partners, sometimes even difficult to resist. Making love will be an absolute necessity for Taylor. With suggestive caresses and tender whispers, Travis will bring out Taylor's powerful sensuality. This position could cause a kind of overloading of the senses the partners should watch out for.

  Travis's Career and Social Life  

Jupiter, 1st Dominant of Travis, in angular relationship with Neptune, 1st Dominant of Taylor

This configuration could cause some problems when the time comes for Travis and Taylor to talk about money. The two must learn to separate their love life from their financial life in this rather unfavorable configuration. Travis is cautious about putting trust in Taylor. Travis may have the right idea: Taylor has as a very loose interpretation of the rules and boundaries of ethics and morality. This could get them into trouble as Taylor's risky schemes could be just that - very risky!

Planet Jupiter of Travis in the 4th House of Taylor

Under the influence of this position, Travis may become extremely protective of Taylor but should be careful not to let it get out of hand. Some of Taylor's repressed memories could come out in their conversations together. If these memories are used right, they could have some positive repercussions in Taylor's family life.


For many "moons", Astrology was sadly relegated to the domain of quack science and pop psychology. Fortunately, things have changed since then, as Astrology is no longer the controversial issue it once was. After all of the incredible discoveries in psychoanalysis, it seems obvious to us today that human beings are at the junction of mysterious and sometimes contradictory forces. As the basis for all astrological interpretation, the Birth Chart is symbolic of the complexity of human existence. It allows us to make a record of the multiple facets that make up any individual human being: her character, her needs, her desires, her intellectual faculties, her behavior with other people, her weaknesses, her deficiencies... in short, all the factors that contribute to her destiny and, not to forget, to her compatibility profile, in her search for the perfect mate. What is proposed to you, here, is the juxtaposition of your Birth Chart with your partner's. This way, you will have the opportunity to find out where you and your partner complement each other, and where you do not. These very subtle planetary juxtapositions could have an influence on your relationship with your partner in a myriad of ways.

The Sun in your Birth Chart is in a positive, angular relationship with the Moon in Travis's Birth Chart. These two planets were present in the same area of the sky at the moment of each of you was born.
Your somewhat subconscious image of the ideal partner is awoken by Travis. It thrives in wholeness and perfect harmony with Travis's own subconscious image of the ideal. This exchange between the deepest, innermost recesses of your psyches explains your high degree of psychological compatibility.

The planet Mars in your Birth Chart is in a positive angular relationship with Venus in Travis's Birth Chart. These two planets, Mars and Venus, were present in the same area of the sky at the moment each of you was born.
Your sensuality and sexually attractive qualities tend to arouse the sensual desires inside Travis. Your eyes, your lips, your skin, your hair... everything about you awakens Travis's senses and sexuality. In Travis's eyes, you are the personification of the archetype of the supremely sexual being, and this is the ultimate erotic image.

  The report you have just read is an astrological analysis of the juxtaposition of two Natal Charts. Through the intermediary of astrological symbols, the report indicates the aspects in both your personalities most likely to be compatible and those most likely to be incompatible when you are in contact with each other. However, it would be impossible to include the individual evolution of each partner in the report. This report is not a prognostication of the positive or negative development of a relationship between two personalities, nor can it necessarily predict what is in store for them in the future. No respectable astrologer would permit himself to say, for example, one person has excellent qualities that will always remain so while another has some terrible faults that can never be changed. Nothing is so black and white in this life. It's up to you to read between the lines and to make this report your own. We thank you for your confidence, and we hope that your report will give you the answers you need!  
  Disclaimer: provides astrological predictions based on the astrological principles that interpret the impact of various planets on human beings and their affairs. The predictions are to be treated purely as interpretation of astrological configurations. Interpretations made by and its team of astrologers can differ from the interpretations made by any other astrologer. In no way do services constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, financial or other advice. Nor do services constitute direction and/or diagnosis or treatment of any kind, be it medical, mental, spiritual, or other.
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