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Date of birth: September 4, 1981
Time of birth: 12:00 P.M.
Birth place: Houston, TX, United States
  This study is based on your astral chart. When you were born, each of the planets in the solar system had a precise position in the zodiac. Your astral chart reflects these positions, and the interpretation of your chart yields information about your signs and astrological houses and their influence on you. This information can enhance your efforts to make important career decisions.  
  This study is broken down into the following sections:

   1. Astrological Birth Data
      - Aspects Table
      - Natal Chart

 2. Character and Personality

 3. Astrological Analysis
      - Talents and Abilities
      - Ambitions and Motivations
      - Career Keywords
      - Social Integration

 4. Strength
      - Relations with Others
      - Material Assets and Resources
      - Emotions and Creativity
      - Cultural and Intellectual Pursuits
      - Home and Hearth

 5. Qualities

 6. Conclusion

Planet Position Degrees Sign Position Minutes
Sun   12°   Virgo   04'  
Moon   21°   Scorpio   52'  
Mercury   2°   Libra   41'  
Venus   20°   Libra   20'  
Mars   1°   Leo   40'  
Jupiter   12°   Libra   22'  
Saturn   9°   Libra   08'  
Uranus   26°   Scorpio   29'  
Neptune   22°   Sagittarius   01'  
Pluto   23°   Libra   04'  
North Node   29°   Cancer   27'  
Natal Chart

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chart and additional information

The following paragraphs concern the study of your personality, as induced by the positions of the planets and rising sign. Some of the character traits mentioned may seem completely contradictory and incompatible. This is because the rough-hewn personality is a rarity. Usually, individuals are made up of a subtle orchestration of many different tones or aspects. However, serious introspection or detailed analysis should make it possible to distinguish the opposing or diverging images comprising your overall character, and perhaps, in time, find the best and most harmonious way to integrate them.

You have an ideal of which you are only partially conscious, but it has a great influence on your psychology. You are determined to preserve your integrity and purity. Even though you may not be aware of it, you are often preoccupied by this predicament. How can you live in this world and remain true to yourself? How can you succeed in life without sacrificing your ideals? It's the eternal philosophical dilemma. You have developed a solution, however; you elaborate a fairly strict code of behavior and try to obey it as much as possible. The path that you walk in life is straight and narrow. You yearn for a life that would reflect the ideal you have set for yourself, as free as possible from irrational mysteries and human failings.

In fact, although you may sometimes seem a bit rigid, a bit lacking in perspective, it is because your mind understands the macrocosm through the microcosm, and you must observe the completed system before you will form your opinion. You are especially good at sorting and choosing, because your mind is like a filter. It rejects the impurities and only accepts the pure and useful. Analysis, deductive reasoning, and a sense of experimentation are your qualities. You possess great meticulousness and precision which make you a quick and efficient worker. However, you may rely too strongly on your analytical faculties, to the detriment of an overall perception of reality.

You like purity and therefore justice. Thus, you are sensitive to human suffering, especially as a result of social injustice, and you will try to remedy the situation according to what you have learned. Once again, the overriding themes of your personality emerge. You want to preserve an ideal, avoid deterioration, change, adulteration. You are offended by imperfection and try to find ways to correct it. You are eager to help, to be useful, to serve a great cause, but you sometimes do not know whom or what you seek to serve. Whatever purpose you adopt, you must learn to help without surrendering yourself entirely; you tend to try to disappear into the background of a hierarchy. You are sometimes attracted by readymade systems, which soothe a certain anxiety you have. You wouldn't mind devoting yourself to a state, a big corporation, or a dogma. It would be reasonable and satisfying. But you sometimes forget to rebel a bit - to evaluate whether the end justifies the means. You are reassured by predictability. When you commit yourself, you want to know exactly where you are bound and how. This may be a bit of an obstacle to your love life. You tend to keep a tight rein on your urges, to inhibit your emotions.

You would not want them to upset your carefully organized existence, after all! But you would do well to learn not to perceive spontaneity as such a threat. Powerful passions and sentiments may overwhelm you, since you tend to prefer reason, moderation, and reality. But your tendency to be so cautious, so analytical and intellectual, carries its own risk - that you will never dare to live life to the fullest.

You thrive on relating to other people. You cannot live without love!

You have a somewhat secretive personality; you are tempted if not compelled to live a somewhat withdrawn life.

At the time of your birth, your rising sign was located in Scorpio (the Scorpion), while the sun was passing through the sign of Virgo (the Virgin). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide your personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of your character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Pugnacity - Modesty - Charisma - Analytical thought - Dignity - Strict logic - Shrewdness - Attention to detail - Concentration - Perfectionism - Optimism - Worry and anxiety - Common sense - Nervousness.

Endowed with an acrobatic mind and discerning intelligence and understanding, you display great abilities for analysis, discrimination, and investigation which are your passport to social and personal success. You are aggressively competitive, and are armed for the combat with a sharp wit which immediately penetrates the weaknesses of your rivals. As a result, you are likely to earn yourself a spot high in the pecking order, and will not shrink from the harsh realities of life.

Your intellect, skeptical by instinct, is supremely rational and realistic.

Born three and a half to seven days after the rising of the new moon, you are said to be a "crescent moon" lunar type. This "soli-lunar" configuration indicates that you may need to make an effort to free yourself from the past. Something related to your childhood, parents, or ancestors is holding you back, impairing your effectiveness and could stand to be overcome.

Due to your past, you refuse tried-and-true models, are always fighting to justify your innovative viewpoints, and tend to break away from tradition. You are hardly ever aware that you are making career and lifestyle choices which are based on an urge to modify your relationship to society, and the rigid standards and models from the past.

Due to the influence of Pluto dominating your birth chart, you have a highly complex personality. The psychic contents symbolized by the planet Pluto, the latest to be discovered (1930), are related to a process of metamorphosis and transmutation. Such a process demands continual renewal and readjustment to the specific requirements of individual development, but most people are unconscious of such psychological activity. The force of Pluto thus urges you to engage in a process of self-examination, in order to discover and rid yourself of the guilt feelings related to past errors, failings, and weaknesses, long repressed because they were consciously inadmissible. If you do not delve into your conscience, you will forge your personality in terms of other people's judgments and outer events. They will sometimes incite you to change and accept more spiritual values.


A professional forecast is the result of a complex analysis. The human personality is so full of complications and contradictions that a given individual is quite likely to succeed in a field quite other than their primary sphere of competence; likewise, it is altogether possible for them to fail in what they had always been told was their natural calling. Moreover, psychological compensation mechanisms, which are entirely unpredictable at the outset, can make drastic changes in an individual's innate abilities (i.e. Toulouse-Lautrec's determination to succeed as an artist despite his physical handicap).

Sociological data have demonstrated at length that an individual's destiny is overwhelmingly influenced by the social and cultural background into which they are born. But we cannot take such important criteria into consideration here. The intention of this forecast is to point out your true motivations and the chief psychological functions which have contributed to your social and professional identity. We will complete the description with an analysis of your behavior and advice about the best approach to adopt in dealing with life.

Talents and Abilities:

You expend a great deal of your vitality in the area of work. You enjoy tackling new projects and perceiving things from another angle. You are most effective on short-term projects which require a brief burst of energy, because you tend to become impatient and lose momentum. Your impulsive nature may present challenges unless you learn to take the time to think through your ideas. Likewise, you sometimes unfairly fire back at critics or detractors.

You are dynamic, somewhat authoritative, and have vast ambitions. You sometimes crave fame and recognition as a reward for your career achievements. Your lack of tact on some occasions may set some co-workers against you. In your quest for dazzling successes, you may sometimes bite off more than you can chew.

For you, work and a career are a great way to broaden your personal horizons. You see your career as a gateway or a much-needed opening. You are fairly idealistic and enjoy communicating and transmitting your ideas and personal insights. Likewise, you are a good organizer and coordinator and would be an asset to any team.

Ambitions and Motivations:

Your social persona is fairly important to you; you are ambitious and tend to have grandiose plans. Your social ideals are noble, and you have no doubt about your ability to accomplish them. You are both generous and authoritative, magnanimous and sometimes stubborn, and you avoid obstacles to your advancement as much as you can. Your leonine radiance, energy, and will to conquer will definitely be the power behind your social ascension; they should enable you to achieve the objectives your ambition has set for you.

The words that are your keys to success:

Optimism - Leadership - Creativity - Dominate - Decision - Opus.

You have burning ambitions, and your social position is relatively important to you. Your father or a father figure may have played a great role in your life.

You have a fairly ambitious personality. You aspire to social and professional success, which you define as a fairly dignified and well-respected position in society. You are determined to achieve a higher standard of living than the one your parents and family accustomed you to, and you devote nearly all your striving and attention to this goal. Indeed, by sheer determination, you probably will manage to overcome any of the obstacles you encounter. Nevertheless, you must beware of a tendency to neglect your private life in favor of your public one.

Your human and psychological qualities should be great resources in your quest and desire to fit into society. Your tendency to seek a natural balance in your relationships with others, tact, and the moderation of your opinions make you an excellent co-worker, a valuable associate who can always be relied on. Your personal success will doubtless be achieved through contracts or partnerships. Your sense of balance and fairness and your worldly qualities are advantages which could play an important role in your social development.

In your quest for a rewarding career, you are under strains which may hinder your efforts or judgment. Your tendency to be hesitant and vague may cause certain problems in your professional life. It would be a good idea if you set up a fairly rigid system for budgeting your energies. You should also draw a strict distinction between your personal expression and your social behavior.

Career Keywords:

Endowed with an analytical mind, a sense of logic, and great powers of concentration, you have the ability to learn a specialty and assimilate all sorts of techniques easily. You are also an extremely conscientious and hard worker with a sense of integrity and a fondness for a job well done. Your insecurities and a certain reluctance to communicate, as well as an occasional lack of determination and a tendency to obey orders unquestioningly could nevertheless be obstacles to your success.

Instinctive Motivations:

Restraint, control, discipline, excellence.

Aggressiveness, need for power; destruction, regeneration.

Assimilation; sense of association and cooperation.

Primary Psychological Functions:

Perceiving, identifying, establishing, justifying.

Feeling, detecting, judging, criticizing, destroying.

Communicating, discussing, uniting, reconciling.

Career Activities and Resources:

Controlling, counting, filing, analyzing, measuring, refining, grasping, checking, regulating, fabricating, providing care.

Analyzing, probing, diagnosing, investigating, criticizing, destroying to rebuild.

Balancing, reconciling, respecting, harmonizing, refining, embellishing.

Symbolic Tools and Elements:

Health, animals, small objects, manufactured goods.

The soul, sex, war, death, secrets, and mysteries.

Luxuries, amusements, recreational objects; the good and the beautiful.


Relations with Others:

You like to work in conjunction with other people. They may contribute financial help in some circumstances.

You will probably marry someone from a foreign country or another culture.

You are particularly sensitive to issues of power in your relationships and in groups, and your interpretation of situations can be rather extreme.

Your contemplative nature means that you are particularly interested in philosophical, religious or theological issues. Your interest in foreign cultures may attract you to a career in linguistics or languages.

You tend to identify strongly with your childhood experiences. Your past is deeply imprinted on you and linked to an array of warm, positive impressions, but it also conveys the feelings of vulnerability and weakness inherent to childhood.

Psychologically, you are ruled by the mother image - that is, by a need for security and protection. The relationship you had with your mother or a mother figure means a great deal to you. This image is associated with the idea of emotional security, but it may also be related to an insecurity about orality, your romantic interest, and food.

In everyday life, your mood follows the meandering of your feelings of security.

You are sometimes hesitant and anxious; fairly passive, you are often molded by events instead of causing them. Generally, you make use of your subjectivity to perceive reality, and you are very sensitive. You like change and novelty, as well as appearing in public, although you are sometimes shy.

You are a restless soul. You are a rebel by temperament and tend to take issue with traditional behavioral models and conventional lifestyle choices. As a result, you are engaged in an ongoing quest for discovery and new experiences. You are extremely open and readily communicate with all types of people, without distinction or prejudice. In your eyes, the only redeeming feature of tradition is what we can learn from it, and the future will be bleak unless we manage to liberate ourselves from the past. You claim to defend an ideal of freedom, and your desire for independence is sometimes extreme. You are spurred to stand out from the crowd as a rugged individualist. Quite likely to embark on long journeys far from your native country, you will always be eager to ride the wave of the vanguard, to be out on the cutting edge. Because you are sometimes impulsive in thought as well as in action, you may not always manage to express your intuitions clearly and understandably, and your partners or close friends may at times be shocked.

Material Assets and Resources:

You would be apt to travel a great deal for business purposes. You might also enjoy research into political or religious matters.

Friends could be an important factor in your financial success.

You do not have a very clear vision of money and material resources. Your sense of values is sometimes confused, and you tend to value money either much more or much less than most of the people around you do. As a matter of fact, your relationship to the material world and the management of your assets is fairly surprising. For example, you have no explicit desire to gain social respectability by displaying the monetary rewards and gratification to which you have been entitled, because a certain carelessness effaces your need for security. Relatively indifferent to financial issues, you might be at risk of becoming the hapless victim of fraud or deception, or, on the other hand, be amazingly lucky with money.

Your psychic or psychological problems may affect your physical health.

Your friends sometimes ask you for psychic comfort.

Emotions and Creativity:

For you, home is meaningful only if it contains a loveable "other."

You sometimes need to take refuge in solitude, which is not necessarily part of your true nature.

Cultural and Intellectual Pursuits:

You obey a methodical, positive, and efficient mind which is sometimes bogged down by conformity. Your relationship with your surroundings is sometimes distant and cold.

You have a marked tendency to externalize your energy. You are most inclined to try to impress others with your thought and rhetoric.

In your quest for a rewarding career, you are under strains which may hinder your efforts or judgment. Your tendency to be hesitant and vague may cause certain problems in your professional life. It would be a good idea if you set up a fairly rigid system for budgeting your energies. You should also draw a strict distinction between your personal expression and your social behavior.

You would like to see your circle of friends agree with your philosophical and humanitarian principles.

You have strong social ambitions. You have your own world vision, convictions, and certainties, which you are able to defend convincingly and winningly. You are impatient to achieve your goals and devote most of your energy to your social advancement, which you see as your path to fulfillment.

Because you are fairly impulsive and cannot always control your urges and emotions, you sometimes fly off the handle when you encounter what you perceive as an obstacle. The most likely triggers are social misunderstandings or relationship crises. Your impetuosity sometimes induces you to challenge certain social rules and conventions. This attitude could be the cause of arguments and conflicts with the people around you.

Your desire to overcome the limits of established values might propel you into a fervent spiritual quest or exile to distant lands. Such a process would probably give you a sense of relativity, a spiritual and cultural awakening which would make your life more meaningful.

Home and Hearth:

You cannot abide being in a group unless you are friendly with the others present.

The world of friendship and all it involves - plans, discussions, etc. - are of prime importance in your life.

Curious and open, you strive to understand and forestall problems which might arise in social or cultural life. You enjoy elaborating strategies and discussing solutions with those close to you. In fact, you are interested in building a network of thinkers, intellectuals, or, at the very least, people likely to stimulate your research by voicing purposes and objectives, especially in the field of social justice. As a result, you might join more or less idealistic groups, associations, and movements. They will be oriented toward a search for new ideas for the best ways of bringing about social improvements or transformations.

Your sensitivity makes you especially receptive to your community's cultural and artistic life. Your natural sense of artistic values will doubtless become keener and more refined as a result of your assiduous attendance at cultural events. You are very fond of theater, film, concerts, lectures, and other informal gatherings. You enjoy your friends. You are likely to befriend artists whose tastes and values you share.

You are a prominent figure in the social whirl. You enjoy wearing your personal success, prestige, and wealth like a badge. It adds even more to your social mystique, if your success is not eloquent enough in itself. Your generosity and enthusiasm earn you sincere affection and recognition from your circle of friends. In fact, you know you can count on the support and advice of some of the wisest and most influential of them. You are also likely to invest the power and influence gained from your social and professional activities to spearhead innovative projects or promote ideas and inventions you find valuable. Your organizational skills, positivism, and human qualities could easily pilot you to a leadership position in a truly innovative company or firm.

You are not spontaneously attracted to cultural events. You are fairly conservative and are most comfortable with traditional, orthodox values and lifestyles. The new ideas agitating artistic and intellectual circles seem silly and futile to you. You are fairly pessimistic by nature and unable to take idealists and utopian thinkers seriously, because you judge people according to their accomplishments. If you decided to become a creator or inventor of new forms, you would do so only in isolation, as a solitary seeker.

You are quite aware of matters of hierarchy and rank, and it is difficult for you to relax and be open with friends or associates. As a result, your circle of friends is fairly small, and you tend to choose people of experience who have acquired some wisdom from age. When you speak out in a group, you do so only as a recognized consultant or specialist, on the strength of your independent position.


Pluto is the first dominant in your astral chart. In the following paragraph, we shall indicate the significance of this fact:

Pluto is the planet of transformation. It rules the sign of Scorpio, the sign of death, redemption, and divine mysteries. Pluto's energy is mysterious. Its discovery in 1932 associates it symbolically with the creation of the nuclear bomb and the development of psychoanalysis. In ancient mythology, Pluto was considered to be associated with all the aspects of the underworld - Hades, the Greek name for Pluto, was the god of shell.

Today, the underworld is synonymous with the Mafia, and the two share many characteristics. Pluto occupies an important place in the horoscopes of great mystics and spiritual beings, as well as in the theme of certain dictators and tyrants, among them the most ruthless and greedy for power.

In psychological terms, Pluto corresponds to the transmutation of instinctive energies into energies which are accessible consciously by the individual's ego. This transmutation, which is never completely controllable, induces a power complex.

On the social level, it might be symbolized by the nuclear disaster, the failure of Western man to master the energy of the atom - a power complex gone awry. On the individual level, Pluto is expressed either in a "power complex," in which instinctive energy is completely transmuted into a personal resource, or as a "failure complex," in which certain inhibitions prevent the instinctive energy from being transmuted.

The moon is the second dominant in your astral chart. In the following paragraph, we shall indicate the significance of this fact:

As the second light of the solar system, the moon has always been associated with the sun in the minds of men. The moon and sun are the primordial cosmic couple. This satellite of the earth, which mysteriously waxes and wanes, has been compared to the eternal feminine principle, the mother hovering over your infant's cradle. Psychologically, the moon is thus symbolic of the mother and the mother image. This figure is a primordial element in the psyche of each individual. Depending on your nature, the mother figure may correspond to your biological mother, a grandmother, or a woman who cared for you in infancy and childhood.

When you reach adulthood, this mother-figure and all the emotions and bonds associated with you may be transferred to something else: a spouse, a companion, an institution, a church, corporation, or political movement, a cult, etc. In short, any individual or structure likely to take on the mother's duty of caring for and nurturing the vulnerable aspects of an individual.

To be more down-to-earth, the mother figure corresponds to the habits which were learned and then definitively incorporated into the individual's identity as you gradually became acculturated and progressed toward social independence. As a result, a strongly "lunar" personality often finds it difficult to adapt and is uncomfortable outside the secure setting of familiar routines.

Closely tied to your past, you may be unwilling to detach yourself from it and embark on your life as an individual in the here and now. You still identify somewhat with your inner child and may display a child's capricious behavior, indulging in moodiness and indecision. Your passivity may make you easily influenced, your sensitivity makes you subjective, and you hesitate to open up and lay your soul bare. In your daily life, psychic activity will rule. Your imagination, memory, sensitivity, sensation, and sentiment nearly overwhelm your psyche.

Uranus is the third dominant in your astral chart. In the following paragraph, we shall indicate the significance of this fact:

This planet symbolizes the principle of independence and self-sufficiency, as well as a principle of transformation. Its most striking characteristic is distance from others: the Uranian strives to stand out from the herd, distanced from structuring influences like convention, tradition, etc. Although this need to free yourself from the confines of convention, tradition, and family symbolizes an appeal for freedom and a desire to evolve beyond the bounds of physical limits toward a spiritual dimension, it may also correspond to a form of escape.

This is why you sometimes need to cut yourself off from situations or relationships which feel stifling to you. Your intense fear of being swallowed up psychologically causes you to react to certain emotional demands by making yourself remote or running away. You need a lot of space and frequent change. In a relationship, you are seeking a certain degree of intellectual excitement. Without it, you feel as though an unbearable, suffocating boredom sets in.

By refusing certain concessions to convention which are practically inevitable, you may find yourself in unpleasant situations. Finding an intelligent alternative to the routine set by the rigid forms of the past is extremely different from rebelling against any form of authority, in the settings of family, school, business, or society. One of the major problems you have to solve is how to wield your freedom, in your emotional relationships, as well as your relationships with society.

The eleventh house is an area of the sky which is especially important in your theme. In the following paragraph, we shall explain the general meaning of this fact.

Traditionally, this sector of the astral chart was related to the world of friendship. It thus reigns over friends, group projects and aspirations, publicity, politics in a humanitarian cause, customers, hope, help, and assistance. More specifically, this sector symbolizes the power and gratification society grants to an individual in exchange for career activities. For each person, this power is a function of their capacity to work and produce something valuable to the community to which they belong (the country, corporation, etc.).

This power may either be used for selfish ends or be re-invested for the elaboration of more cooperative social projects.

From a psychological viewpoint, people with a prominent eleventh house in their birth chart may have to concentrate on being fair and objective in relation to social successes and/or failures. Success could entail efficient use of the power and prestige they have already obtained for more significant projects which are in better harmony with their inner truth.

Failure, on the other hand, requires a detailed analysis of its causes. Any mistakes that may have been made are an opportunity for insight. The work of understanding and assuming one's failures is a positive, constructive way out of a situation of failure.

The first house is an area of the sky which is especially important in your theme. In the following paragraph, we shall explain the general meaning of this fact.

According to tradition, this area is related to the domain of the individual. It thus rules the subject yourself, your character, talents, and abilities. The rising sign (at the peak of the first house) corresponds to the horizon line at the moment of birth. By outlining the exact location of the sunrise, it emphasizes the relationship between the cosmos and the earth, the universal and the individual.

In psychological terms, this point on the map of the sky which is represented by the zodiac refers to the necessity for individuation, the need to embody one's potential identity, or the essence of one's identity. When this area is especially prominent, it indicates that your most significant experiences will concern your individuation: what you want, what you are capable of, what you think, etc.—those are the important things.

Your destiny may be strewn with difficulties and occasional crises and most of them will be related to a lack of differentiation. This will be the case despite a strong desire to assert an individual identity. It will thus be important for you to isolate and reveal your individuality and specificity by mastering your potentials and becoming unique. This uniqueness, which has nothing to do with mere originality or eccentricity, may justify your true purpose in living.


Many people mistakenly believe that astrology is too deterministic. However, as even the ancients said, "The stars incline but do not determine." In fact, the astral chart is evidence that each of us is accountable only to ourselves for our life and destiny. Neither heaven nor the occasional shell of human contacts can be held responsible for the situation down here on earth. Astrology shows us that life is what we make of it. All we really obtain is what we decide to accomplish ourselves of our own volition.

If you really want to improve and transform yourself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding you back and preventing your evolution:
-your perfectionism
- your tendency to hyperfocus on minutiae
- your over intellectualization
- your comfort with a constant state of worry

For you, the main goal to aim for, in order to give purpose and meaning to your life, is to train your intellectual mechanisms to go from the specific to the general and from the down-to-earth to the abstract. It might be necessary for you to broaden your consciousness either by learning foreign languages and developing relationships with people from different cultures, studying philosophy or religion, or traveling. You must do so with the intention of opening yourself up to a variety of cultures, art forms, and ways of thinking. If you remain at the level of collecting information and facts, you will never organize and weave the disparate threads of knowledge into a rich tapestry of wisdom.

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