September Horoscope


Handling Mars Retrograde

While the astrology of September has many blessed alignments of the planets, we will collectively enter the next great storm. A mighty full moon in Pisces arrives at the onset of the month to bring endings and surprises.

And while Mercury in Libra and Venus in Leo helps us find balance in relationships and focus on passionate intimacy and creativity, Mars, ruler of action and anger, starts a two-month retrograde in Aries. During the next few weeks, we will feel as if we are facing karmic lessons regarding our personal goals, plans, and desires.

Later in the month, Jupiter and Saturn come out of retrograde, bringing a pivotal turning point in the area of our charts ruled by Capricorn. In a break-or-make month, your September Horoscopes arms you with the tools to weather the last of 2020’s storm.

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