Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit


Your September Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

It’s back! Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, performs its third out of four retrogrades in 2022 between September 9 and October 2. By joining five other planets already in retrograde motion, this retrograde is expected to slow the pace of life quite considerably.

This Mercury retrograde comes with two very different vibrations, as it will be retrograde in two signs, Virgo and Libra. However, all zodiac signs will feel it, as Mercury will be activating two different astrological houses—and, therefore, two different parts of life. This Mercury retrograde also plays a big part in the Fall Equinox, so the themes that come up for us now could stick around for months to come!

Your Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit report contains extensive information you need to know to master this transformative transit. Including the meaning of this specific retrograde (as well as tips, do’s, and don’ts), this report arms you with the astro-tea you need to know now!

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