Mercury Retrograde Energy Report


The time has come for the cosmic messenger of the gods to, once again, visit the underworld. From May 10 to June 3, Mercury will be in retrograde motion, activating some of the deepest corners of our psyche.

Out of the four retrogrades Mercury will perform in 2022, this second retrograde of Mercury could arguably be the most vital to understand. During its retrograde journey, Mercury will be locked in a tough configuration with stern Saturn, which is currently connected to the Lunar Nodes of Destiny. This links the journey of the planet of communication and the mind to karmic and destined events that will shape our story for the rest of 2022.

By covering all the dos and don’ts, career and romantic advice, and a horoscope for your rising sign, this personalized premium reading is crucial in your process of integration for the month ahead. Get a head-start on the key astrological aspects of this retrograde by ordering your Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit Reading now!

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